Biopharmaceuticals Market to Reach USD 113,300 Million by 2026 at CAGR 4.7% – Valuates Reports

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The Biopharmaceuticals Market is Segmented by Type (Monoclonal Antibodies, Interferon, Colony-Stimulating Factor, Erythropoietin , Insulin, Vaccines, Growth Hormones, Others), by Application (Tumor, Diabetes, Cardiovascular, Hemophilia, Others). The report covers global opportunity analysis and industry forecast from 2021 to 2026. It is published on Valuates Reports in the Pharmaceuticals & Biotech Category. Major factors driving the growth of the global biopharmaceuticals market […]

United Way Worldwide Announces Launch of India COVID-19 Relief Fund

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United Way Worldwide today announced that it has established a relief fund for United Way India to provide immediate assistance in containing the coronavirus and responding to the unprecedented surge in COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths.  The India COVID-19 Relief Fund will provide immediate assistance in the form of medical equipment for hospitals, including oxygen […]

VaccineOnWheels Appointed by Pune Municipal Corporation as its on-Ground Covid Immunization Administration Partner Under PPP

Pune, Maharashtra, India:    India’s first mobile vaccination player to be empaneled by PMC for Indian Government’s Covid Immunization Drive to setup & run Vaccination Booths 15 Mobile Vaccination Units will be deployed by VaccineOnWheels to take vaccination service near to communities by conducting Vaccination Booths as per government guidelines […]

OptraSCAN Unveils OS-Ultra 320 First Ever High-Speed Scanner at Economical Pricing

OptraSCAN, Inc. Pune, Maharashtra, India:  OptraSCAN®, the leading end-to-end digital pathology solution provider, announced the launch of OS-Ultra 320 the world’s first-ever affordable high-speed digital pathology scanner. The OS-Ultra 320 scans tissues/cells of size 15×15 mm area at 40x magnification in less than 60 seconds and features no-touch continuous loading operation. The OS-Ultra 320 […]

New Full Face Breathers can stop COVID spread without Lockdowns

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Mumbai: Neeraj Sawant, CEO of Mumbai firm, Nevon Solutions that develops full face Nevon Air Breathers, claims that full face breather masks can stop COVID from spreading without the need for lockdowns. For almost a year now, India along with rest of the world has been witnessing a never ending loop of lockdowns and unlocks. Every time a city/country […]

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